Valves & Seats

A wide variety of valves and seats, in stock, ready to ship, our one-piece fully machined valves are never friction welded. Inserts are fully bonded, pour (or cast) in place inserts.

seats_valvesValTek manufactures the following valve styles:

  • Stem guided
  • Wing guided
  • Burst disk valves


We stock, and have ready to ship, a wide variety of valves and seats. Our valves are never friction weld, they are a one piece designed. ValTek’s seats are manufacture with the same stringent standards as our valves. Our valves and seat are manufactured to OEM specifications. Industry standard seats for 4" - 5.5" wing guided and 4" - 6.75" for the stem guided.


Count on ValTek Quality

Both our valves and seats are made from forged steel, never cast. Our standard gives our valves and seats the highest quality in the industry.





















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