Seat Pullers

Find the right tool for the job. All ValTek seat pullers are customized and color coded for the removal of any standard valve seat ranging in size from 2.75 to 7 inches.

ValTek carries the following style pullers and can manufacture specialty seat pullers upon request:

  • YWS
  • QWS
  • TWS
  • FMC
  • CAT


We carry all standard style pullers and can also manufacture specialty seat pullers upon request. We also offer various other assembly and disassembly tools such as speed wrenches, packing nut wrenches, slide hammers, plunger installers, suction and discharge cover removers. These tools are fully customizable, allowing your frac pump maintenance job to be completed efficiently and safely. Valtek is a leader in hand-safe tools to assist with strict safety regulation to promote low TRIR numbers.

Our seat removal tool boxes can be outfitted to your specifications with a variety of jacks and accessories.

Safety and Handling Tools

ValTek is always keeping an eye on safety – for the sake of our team and yours. ValTek manufactures safety and handling tools to ensure personnel on the job site may perform their jobs with less risk of injury.

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