Fluid Ends

Fluid Ends

ValTek fluid ends are forged using wide-die techniques which assure consolidated centers and fine grain structure, resulting in improved properties throughout. They are 100% ultrasonically tested according the #A388 ASTM standard.

The chemical composition of our fluid ends has been carefully formulated to enhance performance in all applications. This, in conjunction with special processing steps, creates a high-performance fluid end that is unmatched in the Oil & Gas industry.

We offer carbon alloy and stainless steel material for “Y” style and traditional valve over valve fluid ends.

Fluid End

• Triplex 37" Wide 12" Centers

• Quint 60" Wide 12" Centers

• Quint 52" Wide 10" Centers

• 4"-5.5" Plunger Size

• Carbon Alloy

• HTWS 37" Wide 12" Centers

• QWS 60" Wide 12" Centers

• QWS 52" Wide 10" Centers

• 4"-6.5" Plunger Size

• Carbon Alloy

Fluid Ends

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